A Letter from the Contingent Leader
CFC National Jamboree

Central Florida Council:

The Central Florida Council is going to the 2013 National Jamboree and wants you to go along with us. With your sign-up you will become a Contingent participant for what will be the first National Jamboree at BSA’s newest high adventure base, “The Summit”.

Having completed our first 100 years of scouting at the 2010 National Jamboree, BSA embarks on its first Jamboree for the new century of Scouting and you’ll be there to celebrate with 44,000+ Scouts/Scouters from across the country.

As you can see by the image at the right, Central Florida Council's Jamboree Patch Set will be the History of the Space Program. The leadership team is excited about the design and believe it will be a sought after set.

Hope to see you there!

Yours in scouting,

Duane Fogg
2013 Jamboree Contingent Leader
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